One of the most popular minor bookstores in Zaragoza is Librería Cálamo After 25 years, they have remained a cultural referent in the city, since they are constantly organizing multitude of literary and cultural events. They even have their own literary awards. Cristina Fernández Cubas’ book, Todos los Cuentos, won the Book of the Year Award 08. The book is 24 € and is a collection of short stories. Curiously, the bookstore also sells wine, since, as owner Paco Goyanes explains in the interview that we held, there are many similarities between books and wine. If we are talking about how ‘the popular’ works in a city like Zaragoza, I believe wine is definitely the most popular drink, so I cannot think of anything better than a good book and a nice glass of wine for a perfect evening! Cálamo bookstore, together with the winery El Rincón del Arpa, and the publishing house Nórdica, have created a website where people can purchase sets of wine and books from 50 € onwards.